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Trick or Treat


"It was so funny having mud poured over my head."

"I'm making a picture for my boyfriend. I'm going to marry him and you can be my bridesmaid."

"I made cement with mud and water."

Catch the Hat P. B. Bear


"We had a leaf fight. There were leaves everywhere"

"I've had a makeover"

"I made a shelter and it is waterproof. It is a den for boys only. Oh, and 1 girl".


What the Ladybird Heard


"I made new friends today. That was nice."

"I made mud pies for the Teachers to eat"

"Den building was good. We made it bigger than last time."

Leaf Man


"We drew round Penny and made her into leaf Lady".

"I liked reading Beauty and the Beast with Foxy Loxy".

"I feel so chilled". "I call it chillaxed".



"Mine is called snap because that's what sticks do."

"I made Yoda with a light saber." 

 "The new playhouse is so much fun." 

"I was the keeper of the house and only 4 people are allowed in." 

"We played in the mud pit and got so dirty."

"Look how muddy I am!"

"We dug down but didn't find treasure."

"We hunted for frogs and saw frogspawn"

"My stick is a stick alien, it only has one eye."

"Mine is the sticklady love from Stickman."



This week's book, 'Gnome' by Fred Blunt was about having good manners and being kind.

"My gnome is called Bob."

"Mine is called Moon."

"I want my gnome to be called Freddie."

"I have made the biggest soup ever. It's chocolate soup for the teachers."

"I have enjoyed fishing and making my gnome."

"We played robbers in the den. We stole loads of treasure from the Queen."

"I'm going to put my gnome with my love bug from last week."

While we can't hug


We did lots of talking today about how we can show each other we care without touching each other. 

So, we made our 'love bugs' to give to our family and friends. 

"Mine is for my Grandma. She makes me cookies."

"Mine is for my best friend."

"Mine is for my mum because she feeds me."

"We love the mud kitchen!"

"I made the mine for Grandad."

"I love my nana. She plays with me."

"My mum has a baby in her tummy." 

"I liked looking in the pond, It was frozen."

"I loved playing the floor is lava."

"We made pancakes, meatballs, chocolate cake, cookies. All for the teacher. She won't need any tea."

Fire Week


"I've really enjoyed chilling by the fire and watching the flames."

"My favourite part was toasting the marshmallows."

"It's like the Great Fire of London."

"It was fun watching the flames."

"I made corona chips and meatballs for you, Ladybird Leader."

"The fire was nice, calm and hot."

"I've never toasted marshmallows before."

"Yeah, I started a fire!"



We made a triangle shape with sticks and wove thread to make Christmas trees. We then enlarged the scale and made a huge Christmas tree for the outside playground.

"We were like beavers making our den." 

"We're trying to make a dam, like a beaver but the water keeps soaking into the mud."

"We made a new house pool to splash in."

"I love my Mexican skeleton mask. Then I made a Christmas Tree with my friend. She was my associate." 

"My stick is like an eagles claw. It helps me spy on people." 

"We made a new den but I can't tell you where it is because it's a secret." 

"I enjoyed working in the mud kitchen." 

Russell's Christmas Magic 


This week we were inspired by the book 'Russell's Christmas Magic' by Rob Scotton. We took part in some supervised knife skills, where the children whittled a stick into a point for Santa's hat.

"That's the first time I've used a knife." 

"My Santa is called Bob."

"I felt brave using a knife."

"I enjoyed carving."

"I'm going to put Santa on my window so he can look out and Santa can see him."

"We are having mud masks, to make our skin soft and beautiful."

"I made cupcakes today for Foxy Loxy."

"I made cupcakes and mud juice. It was yummy."

"We made Foxy Loxy a birthday cake, she's 100 years old."

"I went so high!"

"We dug an underground tunnel so we could escape from Forest School." 

"We made a lake by our house so we can hear the water." 

"When I escape I'm going to run home and mess the house up."

"If I escaped I'd go home and eat all the chocolate from the treat cupboard." 

"We repaired our house and made drainage for our lake." 

Bears Can't Fly


"I found treasure in the pond. I found some sunglasses and a painting. I'm taking it home." 

"I tried to catch the leaves. It was too hard."

"I was buried alive!"

"It was like being a leaf zombie."

"It was slimy, damp and wet. I was scared a spider would go in my mouth."

"It was funny being buried under leaves."

"We made hot chocolate and chocolate pie for you, Ladybird Leader."

"I love getting muddy!"

"We made coca-cola and put bubbles in it. I'm making the teachers drink it so that they're sick!"

"My bear is called Sandy."

"My bear is called Jacky and Gooey."

"My bear looks like Lotso from Toy Story."

"My bear is called Bella. She's going in my bedroom." 

"I've made Twiggy."

Harold Finds a Voice


This week we read 'Harold Finds a Voice' by Courtney Dicmas.

"I made four birds I'm going to decorate my room with them."

"My parrot is called Hootie." 

"We are growing beards. We're doing Movember."

"Getting dirty is so much fun."

"We made poisonous soup for the teachers. We added mud, berries, water and leaves."

"Do you want garlic bread and chips with your soup?" 

"The monster game was fun. We hid in the secret hideout."

"I was a monster. I chased all the boys and destroyed their world. I trapped them by climbing the wooden steps. It was so much fun!"

"The monster came to bite me. I screamed."

"It was relaxing by the pond, chatting and seeing what we could find."

"I enjoyed spending time with Foxy Loxy by the pond. We had a lovely chat."

"I like playing on the swing with my friend pushing me."

Aaargh Spider!


"My spider is called Incy Wincy."

"My mermaid spider is called, Shelly. She has got shells in her hair."

"Mine is a killer spider. A vampire spider."

"My spider looks like a potato."

"I just love getting muddy!"

"I love playing in the cooking area. I've made a lovely soup for the teachers and a pie which is full of mud!"

"The mud fight was so much fun."

"I just went apple hunting. I found a lot, then threw them in the pond."

"I was jumping in the big water bath."

Fire Week


"It was so relaxing chilling by the fire."

"I started my own fire!"

"The flames were dancing."

"It was warm by the fire."

"It was my first time toasting marshmallows."

"Today we've done lots of building work. We even have grass in our house. We are working on the garden next." 

"I made a sign for the house. It's a secret sign. It says, no one knows what I'm saying."

"Today I climbed on the roof to make sure it wasn't leaking. I used a ladder to get up. I needed to make sure it wouldn't wet our new grass. The grass cost £300!" 

Hodge the Hedgehog


This week's book was 'Hodge the Hedgehog' by Amy Sparkles. 


"Today, I have felt at peace making my hedgehog. His name is Bob."





"My hedgehog is called Jack."

"I've made Spiky and Spiky baby."

"I found a hedgehog, stole all his prickles and now he's naked!"

"Digging is so much fun! It makes me want to do a happy dance."


"The mud goblins are back!"


"We made a happy house. We cleaned it out and are still working on it. The house is going to be sold for £300,000! I feel exhausted!"

"Well, I think it should be sold for 20 quid!" 

Bog Baby


Our book of the week was 'Bog Baby' by Jeanne Willis.

"My bog baby is called Steven."

"Mine is Rapunzel. She has long hair."

"Mine is a bog princess."

"I loved working with my friend to make my bog baby."

"My Bog Baby is called Peach."

"I went so high on the swing, it made me laugh."

"All the boys were mud goblins today."

"I had fun in the sludge."

"I found treasure digging in the mud, I found five gold coins."

"I made ice-cream and chocolate cup cakes for you to eat."

"I enjoyed started to get ready for Halloween."

"Painting apples into pumpkins was fun."

The Best Nest


This week's book was 'The Best Nest' by Jenny Woods.

"We made mud pies."

"I'm going to hang Violet, my bird, in my bedroom."

"My bird is called Sparkles."

"I enjoyed being outside in the fresh air." 

"My bird is called Feathers."

"I have dug in the mud with the spade."

"Digging for gold."

"Every week I sit in the mud. I like to rest my legs."

Little Rabbit Foo Foo


This week we read 'Little Rabbit Foo Foo' by Michael Rosen.  

"I felt exhausted after all my hard work."

"Our worm house is fab. We are taking it in the classroom."

"I enjoyed climbing the trees today."

"I felt happy."

"I felt crafty today."

"I made a bunny for me and my sister."

Foxy Loxy's Birthday 


"Puddle jumping was so much fun!"

"Today I was curious. I was investigating in the mud."

"I liked using the binoculars."

"I was super muddy today."

"I really liked making my flower. It is a tulip."

"I was joyful looking for worms."

"My worms are called Archie, Ice cream and Alessia."

The Gruffalo's Child


Our book of the week was 'The Gruffalo's Child' by Julia Donaldson.

"My Gruffalo is a happy, smiley one."

"I'm proud I made a Gruffalo all on my own."

"I can't wait to show my mum what I've made."

"The mud puddle was so much fun."

"It was a giggle in the mud when I fell over." 

"The weather has been crazy today! Sunshine, snow, rain."

"I've made pancakes with nutella in the kitchen." 

"I managed to climb a tree today."  

In My Heart 


This week's book was 'In My Heart: A Book of Feelings' by Jo Witek. We talked about emotions and how we felt at Forest School. 

"I felt grateful that I am outside with nature." 

"Lots of love and heats for Valentines Day."

"I felt enjoyment at making crafts."

"I felt calm doing the ribbons."

"I am proud of my artwork."

"I felt relaxed and calm today."

"I felt cold!"

Fire Week


"I really tried to start a fire but it was really hard!"

"I collected sticks to prepare for the fire."

"Pancakes and chocolate are lush!"

"Eating pancakes was the best part."

"The sticks were prickly and scratching me!"

"We were looking for rubbish in the pond."



The book of the week was Supertato by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet.

"My Super Tato looks so funny!"

"Mine is Super Princess Tato. I'm putting it on my mum's desk to surprise her."

"Super Tato stole my scarf!"