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Medicines and Illness

Children should of course, not be sent to school if unwell. If your child has had any diarrhoea or vomiting, they must have 48 hours clear: ie 48 hours from the last incidence of vomiting or diarrhoea BEFORE coming into school. 

If your child becomes ill while in school we will contact you or one of your authorised contacts immediately so that your child can be collected to be cared for and taken to the Doctor if necessary. While waiting for collection we will do all we can to keep your child comfortable, and to minimize infection risks by segregation where appropriate. 

In the event of an accident in school your child will be cared for by a Qualified Paediatric First Aider, the accident will be recorded according to our policy, which is in line with Kirklees and OFSTED requirements, and if appropriate you will be contacted.


If your child needs medicine during the school day you will need to fill in the relevant form in the office or download the form below, and the medicine will be stored safely and administered by a designated member of staff in accordance with the dosage information you provide. If an asthma inhaler is needed, again you will need to fill in the relevant form, however the inhaler will obviously be stored safely in your child’s classroom.  Please ensure the inhaler is in date and note when it needs replacing.


 Medication Request form.pdfDownload
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