Netherton Infant And Nursery School

Netherton Moor Road, Huddersfield,
West Yorkshire HD4 7JE

01484 661832


Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools

Netherton Infant and Nursery school is made up of two Key Stages: Early Years and Key Stage One. Early Years includes: morning and afternoon Nursery and Class 1 and 2, the two Reception classes. This Key Stage is known as the Foundation Stage and has it's own curriculum.

Classes 3, 4, 5 and 6 are known as Key Stage One. The government has set an upper limit for infant class sizes of 30 pupils. The admission criteria for the infant years are different from those for other key stages.


If you have any enquiries about admissions, please call 01484 221000 and ask for School Admissions.

The information below details how Kirklees Local Authority prioritises it's admissions. 

We will offer places in community and controlled schools to children in the following order of priority:


  1. children in public care (looked after children)

  2. children with a Statement of Special Educational Needs which names the school;

  3. children living in the school's priority admission area who have an older brother or sister attending from the same address at the date of admission;

  4. other children living in the school's priority admission area;

  5. children who live outside the priority area who have an older brother or sister attending from the same address at the time of admission;

  6. children who live outside the priority area.


Notes (a) Children in priorities 1 and 2 above may also be admitted above the Published Admission Number (PAN).


(b) If we cannot agree to requests for admission in priorities 3 to 6 above without exceeding the PAN (Pupil Admission Number) we will give priority up to the PAN to the children living nearest the school. Distance is measured in a straight line.


(c) “Live” means the child’s permanent home at the date when applications close, or if a significant house move is involved, 1st December 2019 for transfer to high school and 15th January 2020 for other age groups.

(d) For children transferring from First and Middle Schools, preference within any of the priority groups above (up to the PAN) will be given to children attending either a first school in the middle school priority admission area, or a middle school in the high school priority admission area.


(e) A Priority Admission Area means a geographical area determined by Kirklees in consultation with the governing body of the school.


NB There is no longer a guaranteed place for any child in any of the priorities at any key stage.


Registering your Child for a Reception place


Kirklees has a three preference co-ordinated admissions system for all primary schools. It is called co-ordinated because the law requires that the Admissions Office at Civic Centre 1 acts a clearing agent for all admissions to the first year in these schools. This includes the Catholic and Church of England aided schools which will continue to make their own admissions decisions.


You must register children who will be five between 1 September 2020 and 31 August 2021 by 15 January 2020 by using the online application facility. You will need a valid email address in order to do this. Please click on the link below to go directly to the online facility. There is also a guide on how to apply for a school place, at the bottom of this page.


When you have decided which schools you prefer, please complete an online application form (Form PCAF). If you do not complete the online form you will not be offered a place at all. When you have submitted your application, you will receive a receipt to the email address you used to register with. Please keep this email receipt as confirmation of your submitted application.


If any of your preferred schools are aided schools, you must ask them for their supplementary application form which refers to religious criteria. You must complete it and return it to the school where it came from. If you do not, the governors may not be able to give full consideration to your application. This form is in addition to the PCAF and you must complete both forms.


Please remember, use the online facility only to apply for Kirklees schools. If you wish to apply for a school in another LA, e.g. Leeds or Bradford, etc, you must complete the form from that LA.


Please visit as many schools as you wish but only complete one online application form. On the application form for starting school (online form PCAF), you should name up to three schools, in order of preference, which you would like your child to attend. After the closing date on 15 January 2016, Kirklees will assess your child’s eligibility according to the admission priorities and admission limits in this booklet for each of the schools you have named.


Kirklees LA will then offer a place at the one school which is your highest preference where your child qualifies (if this is possible). If you are a Kirklees resident and your child does not qualify at any of the schools you have named, the Local Authority will offer a place at the Kirklees school designated to serve your address, or, if no such place is available, at the nearest Kirklees school where a place is available.


Sometimes children who get places at schools which do not serve the area where they live can find that they are low priority for the next school when it is time to move up. Ask the Headteacher or other admissions staff when you register, about possible problems or contact the Admissions Office at Civic Centre 1.


2022 - 2023 Admissions Arrangements